The Friends of the Great Swamp
of southeastern New York State

The Great Swamp Watershed

Map Courtesy The Nature Conservancy (21.5 MB PDF)

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FrOGS Art Show

The annual Art Show will take place October 22 and 23. Details for artists, signup form, list of suggested Great Swamp sites, and a guide map are available in the art show packet.

Recreation Requests

FrOGS receives many requests for information about using the Swamp for recreational activities. Please review our Recreation page for details.

Upcoming Events

See our Events page for details.

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The Great Swamp - nestled in the Harlem Valley and covering over 6,000 acres in New York's eastern Putnam and Dutchess Counties - is one of the largest freshwater wetlands in the state. It has been designated by the USDA Forest Service as a Highlands Conservation Focal Area and was cited by the state Department of Environmental Conservation in a 2009 report for its unique habitat, diverse wildlife, scenic value, and its critical function as an aquifer recharge area which protects and purifies the water supply for millions of New York residents as well as provides outstanding educational and recreational opportunities.

The Friends of the Great Swamp (FrOGS) are volunteers and neighbors who have been working to preserve the Swamp since 1990. The mission of the organization is to undertake activities to preserve, protect and promote the functions and integrity of the Great Swamp wetland and its upland watersheds in Putnam and Dutchess Counties, New York. The strength of FrOGS is the active, dedicated volunteers and citizen scientists who organize and run the activities and events, conduct the research, and speak on behalf of the Great Swamp.

Learn how YOU can become a friend of the Great Swamp through your donations and by volunteering your time.

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